Pascagoula River overflow leaves parts of Jackson County underwater

Pascagoula River overflow leaves parts of Jackson County underwater

ESCATAWPA, MS (WLOX) - The boat launch at Robinson Bayou, near the Pascagoula River, may have been on dry ground Tuesday morning, but by noon, the Little River Marina next door was an island unto itself, completely surrounded by water.

The amount of water and how quickly it rose caught the owner of Little River Marina, Shellie McCall, by surprise.

"We've actually been told they haven't seen the water rise like this," said McCall.

Another area resident, LaJean Snear, had to pack up and abandon her home before it got any worse.

"You're not going to be able to get through here," said Snear.

The water had not yet reached Joyce Thornton's house, but she was prepared just in case.

"I've never made sand bags before," said Thornton. "And I went down to the fire department today and made 20 of them."

Along with putting out the sand bags, Thornton tied down everything she could and settled in to watch the river continue rising.

"Down there, it usually gets half as flooded; I've never seen it like that," said Thornton, pointing down the road. "Everybody says it's going to be worse."

The river isn't expected to crest at Graham Ferry until Friday or Saturday, which it is predicted to reach a near-record of 19.5 feet.

But Snear offered up some good advice to her neighbors who are choosing to stay in their homes.

"I hope people can swim is all I can say," she said.

McCall has her own strategy for the rising waters -- keeping her bar open for business.

"Everybody still needs a beer," she said. "And they'll probably need a beer more than ever now."

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