"St. Pawtrick's Day" adoption event for lonely hearts

"St. Pawtrick's Day" adoption event for lonely hearts
Take a look at our sweet pet of the week, Juliana!  
Juliana, along with 70 other great dogs at the shelter, could be yours for a very special price this week.
"She has been at the shelter longer than any other dog," said Valerie Katz, a Humane Society of South Mississippi volunteer. "And really needs to find a great home."  
HSSM will host a "St. Pawtrick's Day" adoption event March 17-19 in the hopes of finding loving homes for the dogs that have been at the shelter the longest.
Officials say the facility is currently overloaded with dogs that have either been in the shelter for 30 days or longer, known as the Lonely Hearts, or are five years of age and older, the Young at Heart. Adoption fees for those dogs will be reduced to just $17 during the event.
According to the HSSM website, the festive adoption event, which is being made possible by a generous anonymous donor who is sponsoring the remaining portion of the fees, will highlight an area of the shelter population that is "most desperately in need of re homing". 
"Although we pride ourselves in providing high-quality care, nothing can compare to a real home for these dogs," said HSSM's marketing specialist, Maren Slay. “We hope our St. Pawtrick's day promotion proves lucky for these long-term shelter residents, allowing them to finally find their forever families."

Adoptions include spaying or neutering, vaccinations, microchips, and a free vet exam within seven days of adoption. A full listing of pets available for adoption can be found at the HSSM website. For the dogs available for the special price during the event, click the link to the Lonely Hearts category.

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