Drivers deal with flooded, muddy streets in East Biloxi

Drivers deal with flooded, muddy streets in East Biloxi

Many drivers in East Biloxi are dealing with more than just street flooding after recent rain.

Residents say they already have a tough enough time driving along torn up roads because of a massive infrastructure project, but when it rains, it's an even bumpier ride.

As water covered most of Main St. on Friday, vehicles big and small attempted to navigate a muddy mess.

"It's pretty rough. It's been pretty rough everywhere you go in Biloxi. The roads are all messed up, so the potholes and everything, the rain, no asphalt," said John Wyatt.

Many roads are still in pieces because a contractor is replacing and upgrading water, sewer and drainage in the area. Flooded roads kept Biloxi Public Works crews busy throughout the day. With Cedar and Third streets impassable, crews tried to clear the drain of debris.

"I think it collapsed," said Biloxi Public Works employee Jack Jackson. "We can't get it out. It's not on top of the drain. It's inside the pipes, so we're going to have to come down here with a suction truck and try to suck it out."

Crews have been cleaning storm drains and ditches since Thursday, bracing for the heavy rain and street flooding. Other trouble spots included Esters, Division and Kellar Ave. While public works crews tried keep up with high water, drivers say they will just have to splash through it.

"You got to get where you got to go," said Wyatt.

Officials say that if drivers encounter flooded roads, remember the motto: "Turn around, don't drown."

WLOX News Now reached out to the contractor to discuss the project, but the company has not return calls. The city's spokesman says the phase should be done in about 300 days.

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