Family members want answers in 2015 shooting death of Wes Staten

Family members want answers in 2015 shooting death of Wes Staten

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Family members of a Bay St. Louis man who was shot to death last year want to know why no one has been indicted. Wes Staten's family has some questions for investigators.

Staten's family members headed to the Bay St. Louis Police Department on Monday afternoon fired up and looking for answers.

"I would like to see the report that they gave to the grand jury, because I'm kind of in a state of confusion right now," said Staten's grandmother Ethel Harrington.

She said she can't understand why the case went before a grand jury and no one was indicted.

"It's called a homicide. It's on his death certificate," said Harrington.

In June of last year, Staten, 24, was shot to death after he and two juveniles went to a home in the 100 block of Felicity Street.

Police say after the trio arrived, they became involved in an altercation with three men who were sitting around an outdoor table.

Police believe Staten pulled out the gun that ultimately caused his death. Just how that happened remains a mystery.

"My grandson is out there in the grave. Someone needs to be accountable for what went down on Felicity Street," said Harrington.

Family members left after an hour and a half meeting with Police Chief Mike DeNardo and several investigators. They say they were told despite the grand jury's decision, the case hasn't been closed.
"This case is still ongoing, so no one has really gotten away with anything. Just stay tuned, because arrests will be made, and the case for my son is not closed. They are still gathering information, so no one is off the hook," said Jossette Thompson, Staten's mother.

DeNardo said if new evidence surfaces, the case could be represented to a grand jury.

"We can't fix this, because everybody is afraid they'll say you're a snitch. Who else has to die," said Harrington.

Randy Haas was renting the home on Felicity Street where the shooting occurred. Police say they found illegal drugs in the house, and Haas was arrested on narcotics charges.

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