City and county leaders hold joint workshop

Published: Feb. 3, 2016 at 10:53 PM CST|Updated: Feb. 4, 2016 at 10:54 AM CST
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Getting to know new faces and talking about shared priorities was the idea behind a joint workshop at the Orange Grove Community Center on Wednesday.

Gulfport city council members and Harrison County supervisors discussed various concerns during the meeting.

"I'm just kind of all ears as far as some of the projects that you guys have going and how I can assist you, and so forth," said new supervisor, Kent Jones.

Five Gulfport council members attended, along with the three newly elected supervisors.

"Some of the big problems are being addressed: water, sewer throughout the area. We're knocking those big things out of the way," said councilman R. Lee Flowers.

Similar issues face city and county leaders, such as ditch cleaning, road paving and sidewalk and park improvements.

"One of the biggest issues I have right now along the beach - and it's not just in Gulfport, it's in Biloxi as well - some of these cave-ins that are happening. We've got cones that have been sitting there for two or three years," said councilman, Ricky Dombrowski.

Public safety is a concern of Ella Holmes-Hines. She says better street lighting is needed to deter criminals.

"If it's dark, they're going to be there. If it's lit well, they're going to leave it alone. But when you see our city, pay attention to it. It's getting darker and darker, and that's a safety concern for me," Holmes-Hines said.

Roads are also a shared concern among these leaders.

"My biggest concern right now is Canal Road. It is awful. It just falls off on the southbound lane, and it is terrible," said supervisor, Angel Kibler-Middleton.

Cara Picheu says Landon Road needs attention.

"We're trying to get the county to help us on bringing it out just a little bit further to where it's not going to be another bottleneck," said Picheu.

The leaders say the workshop was time well spent and something they'd like to continue.

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