Biloxi's Mayor Holloway Ready For Fourth Term

A.J. Holloway will continue to serve as Biloxi's Mayor, at least for the next four years. For the first time, Holloway has no opposition as he enters his fourth term.

It's a much different picture than 12 years ago, when he won the Mayor's office by just 17 votes.

"I was on the city council four years, and I thought I knew a little about the Mayor's job. And I did. Very little," Holloway joked.

Holloway and Biloxi have come a long way since then. In 1993, Biloxi had $930,000 in capital improvement projects. Last year saw that number jump to $18 million.

A.J. Holloway also had the good fortune to come into office just as the casino business arrived on the Coast. The gambling industry brought with it a huge shot in the arm, to a city that had been in bad financial shape.

"Timing is everything, that is true. I have always said timing was everything in life."

Mayor Holloway will be 69-years-old when his next term ends. Right now, he's not sure what he'll do then. But whatever he does, he'll just be A.J.

"You know, I am just a regular person. I just try to do what's right, I guess."

Holloway puts in a good day's work. And he expects those who work for him, and with him, to do the same. He's old school, and proud of it.

He and his wife have been married for nearly 44 years. They have three grandchildren.

He's the kind of man who is not comfortable talking about the legacy he may leave behind. But no one can question the love he has for his hometown.

"I have tried to do everything I could to make Biloxi a better place, and to make the people of Biloxi proud of what is going on in our city, and proud of me and our administration.

The Mayor, a former star athlete at Ole Miss, underwent a heart bypass operation ten years ago. He now works out on a regular basis and says his health is very good.