Part 2: Who killed Kimberly Watts?

Part 2: Who killed Kimberly Watts?

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - The family of Kimberly Watts will honor her memory with a memorial at the Long Beach Harbor Pavilion on Saturday. It's been one-year since her death and her murder remains unsolved.

Just a few days after Watts was found dead in her home, Long Beach Police Chief Wayne McDowell said they have 'very promising leads' about her murder investigation.

One year later — those leads haven't led to an arrest.

"So far nothing has solidly led to help the case go any further at this point," said McDowell.

The Long Beach Police Department has led the investigation into what was the city's first murder in seven years. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation has also provided assistance.

"The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation came in looked at the case and looked at the crime scene again," said McDowell. "They looked at it and at this point there wasn't anything that would lead to an arrest."

McDowell says he believes the person responsible for the death of Kimberly Watts did know her and a person of interest has been identified.

"We do have a person of interest, it's the same one from the beginning," said McDowell.

However McDowell is not saying who the person is.

"We've spoken to him, but no information has been available to rule him out or any information that would help," said McDowell.

As for the evidence collected and the circumstances surrounding Watts' death on Woodcrest Drive, McDowell isn't offering any details.

"There's not a whole lot that I will discuss about the particulars of the case," said McDowell. "Those are the things that the suspect would know and might be the only one that knows which might one day help us solve the case."

WLOX News asked Chief McDowell if he had something to say to the person who came out of this house a killer a year ago and he did have a direct message.

"I would kind of reach out to the suspect to find it in his heart to come forward to give Kim's son and family some kind of closure," noted McDowell.

The police are continuing to look for tips from anyone who may have information surrounding the murder.

"We're hoping that maybe the person or persons who committed this crime might talk to somebody, say something to somebody and that get back to us."

While a killer remains at large. McDowell doesn't think the person is a threat to others in Long Beach.

"This is I find an isolated incident that was geared towards Mrs. Watts and I don't think that the community is in harms way right now."

If you have any information involving the murder of Kimberly Watts you're asked to contact Long Beach Police (228) 863-7292 or Crime Stoppers 1-877-787-5898 .

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