Preps underway for Slavic Invitational Golf Tournament

Preps underway for Slavic Invitational Golf Tournament

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - They joke and poke fun at one another; something you'd expect from old friends and family.

Members of the Slavic Lodge in Biloxi spent the late morning Wednesday loading cargo trucks with cases of beer, giant ice chests and folding tables. They're part of the preparation for the upcoming Slavic Invitational Golf Tournament.

This is the 41st annual golf tournament, which has grown into the largest on the coast. And these members of the Slavic lodge have this preparation thing down to a fine art. Many are retired. Others take time off from work each year to assist with this "labor of love."

Brian Dubaz said, "It started small and grew. We had more people wanting to play every year. So, we went from one course to two, to three, to four and now we have five and the championship plays at Fallen Oak on Sunday."

Despite the near constant teasing among one another, when the work needs to be done, this extended family gets to the task at hand.

"We've learned a few things over the years," said one, "So, it gets a little easier each year."

More than 1,000 golfers will tee it up in this year's event. And the Slavic lodge members are proud to host it.

"This is the best club you're ever going to be affiliated with," Dubaz said.

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