Family of Gulfport accident victim searching for answers

Family of Gulfport accident victim searching for answers
Jeremy Fogleman
Jeremy Fogleman

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - An unassuming attempt at a traffic stop was followed by a fatal accident in Gulfport, and now the victim's family is begging for answers.

Police say 36-year-old Jeremy Fogleman slammed into the vehicle of Edward Fredrickson early on a Wednesday morning several weeks ago.

Fredrickson was eventually sent to a Mobile hospital where he later died from his injuries. His funeral was Tuesday, but his family said his story is not over.

As Fredrickson's family grieved the sudden loss of a father, husband, and friend, the emotion was mixed between sadness and anger. Anger at the man who is now charged with an accident that caused Fredrickson's death. "He killed my father. I consider it no less than murder," said Fredrickson's daughter, Natasha Rutherford.

Fogleman is now behind bars on a $1.2 million bond facing multiple felony charges and a possession charge. The Gulfport Police Department was there right before the fatal accident.

"And our hearts and condolences go out to that family during this grieving process," said Public Information Officer, Sergeant Damon McDaniel.

Police say the officer on patrol attempted to stop Fogleman on Pass Road for traffic violations. Once the blue lights came on, they say Fogleman sped off to the east at a high speed. At that point, the officer backed off and chose not to pursue. Police say after that Fogleman ran a red light t-boning Fredrickson's car.

This has Fredrickson's daughter now asking why. "I want answers. I want to know why this happened. It's not right," said Rutherford.

This was not Fogleman's first run-in with the law in Harrison County. He was arrested in August of 2014 after a high speed chase in Biloxi. He bonded out shortly after the arrest.

McDaniel says this allowed Fogleman to be on the roads while his case was pending. "With due process, Mr. Fogleman will be allowed an opportunity to face those charges in court. And that court date has not come yet," said McDaniel.

But that still leaves Fredrickson's family wondering why he was not pursued in Gulfport. McDaniel says the officer decided not to chase Fogleman because the risk was greater than the violation. "You weigh out a lot of different factors in what are your original charges. His original charges were traffic," said McDaniel.

As for Rutherford; she says she won't give up. "If there's anything that I can do to prevent another family going through what we've been through I'll do it," she said.

Fogleman's first appearance in court for his charges in the Biloxi high speed chase will be August 10th.

Since the accident that took Fredrickson's life in Gulfport, the District Attorney's office has requested to revoke Fogleman's bond claiming that he is a danger to the public.

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