South Mississippians weigh in on potential state flag designs

Published: Jul. 6, 2015 at 1:02 AM CDT|Updated: Jul. 6, 2015 at 9:55 AM CDT
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Ocean Springs Mayor Connie Moran shows support for Vaughn's flag designs (Image Source: Twitter)
Ocean Springs Mayor Connie Moran shows support for Vaughn's flag designs (Image Source: Twitter)

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Most South Mississippians like that the state flag includes patriotic colors, but it's the Confederate battle symbol in the corner that brings out a real difference of opinions.

"I feel like the red, white, and blue flag is inclusive for everybody in the United States, but I think creating a new emblem would be great," said Samantha Winters.

Mississippi's state flag has been a source of discussion over the past few weeks. Several artists have sketched some new designs they think will better serve as our state's banner, but some people don't think the flag should be changed.

"I think some people blow it out of proportion sometimes, but it's just what people believe. Like I said, I believe it should stay the same, because it's been like that forever," said Vincent Evans.

Images of a new flag created by Mississippi artist Rocky Vaughn have been circulating on the web. They include the traditional red, white, and blue, but add the state flower and remove the Confederate battle symbol.

"I like them. I like the artist, but I want the flag to stay the same in my opinion," said Evans.

Cameron Bourgeois thinks looking at a new flag design is a good idea, and shows open mindedness.

"Maybe it would solve some conflict too on how people portray the flag and what people think about it," said Bourgeois.

Ocean Springs Mayor Connie Moran has even shared some of Vaughn's images on her Twitter page to show her support for a new design. But not everyone thinks that Mississippi's flag is the most important discussion to be had at this time.

"It's really a secondary issue. It's education, it's hunger in the state, poverty in the state, those are more primary issues," said Chris Colby.

Governor Phil Bryant has already said he will not call lawmakers in for a special session to discuss the flag. Mississippians last voted on the flag in 2001, and an overwhelming majority voted to keep the design that has been in place since 1894.

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