Behind the scenes of NCIS: New Orleans

Published: May. 4, 2015 at 9:57 PM CDT|Updated: May. 5, 2015 at 9:54 AM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS, LA (WLOX) - Crime drama fans have embraced the CBS show NCIS: New Orleans. The series is coming off a very successful first season and the network has announced it will be back for season two.

CBS invited WLOX on the set of NCIS: New Orleans to talk with the show's stars and find out why the series has become such a big hit.

Compelling stories, a great cast and the unique City of New Orleans are all ingredients in the recipe for success. The three star characters of the show are Special Agents Dwayne Pride, Meredith Brody and Christopher Lasalle.

The show is just finishing its first season as the number one new prime time network drama on network TV. Award winning actor Scott Bakula, who plays Agent Pride had a feeling they had a success on their hands.

"I knew we had a good story. I knew we had a good location. I knew this character was potentially very interesting," said Bakula.

Many of the scenes for NCIS: New Orleans are shot on a sound stage in the Crescent City. The show is shot on a series of sets designed for this procedural drama.

The show has become so popular CBS wasted little time in renewing NCIS: New Orleans for a second season, much to the delight of cast and crew "I think we lucked out. They did a great job putting the cast together. It really works. It's like a puzzle that fits together. We like each other and want to stay together. The stories are incredible. I think we're blessed," according to actress Zoe McLellan.

Everyone with the show agrees, it's the color, character and culture of the Crescent City that helps make NCIS: New Orleans a big hit.

Even the series' them song, Boom,Boom,Boom by blues legend John Lee Hooker captures the essence of New Orleans. The cast knows how important New Orleans' international reputation is as well as the one of a kind world of south Louisiana.

"It's unique. You get great value when we go outside of the stages. There's a flavor here. There's only one place like this on the planet, "Scott Bakula said.

Medical examiner Dr. Loretta Wade has become a fan favorite. Actress CCH Pounder has spent a lot of time developing the character. She stepped right off the set to talk with us about Dr. Wade and working in a city known for its fine cuisine.

"They've taken the lead and developed her in a beautiful way. It's wonderful. She's really well rounded. Physically to. I'm in New Orleans and I can't stop eating this food," said Pounder.

As the technical crew watches a scene being taped, D'Wayne Swear is very interested. He's technical adviser to the show. Bakula's character is based on Swear's real life when he headed up the actual NCIS: New Orleans office. He lives in Gulfport and has worked as an investigator for the Hancock County Sheriff's office.

He's proud of the show and excited about being involved.

“They really pay attention to detail. They want to do it right. It's great. I'm living a dream." Swear said.

Three more new episodes of NCIS: New Orleans are coming up this month. The show then goes on hiatus and will be back in the fall.

You can watch NCIS: New Orleans Tuesday nights at 8 on WLOX CBS.

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