Is high school Lacrosse catching on?

Is high school Lacrosse catching on?

Ocean Springs, Pascagoula and Gautier all field high school Lacrosse teams.  Ocean Springs Greyhounds head coach Jerry Twiggs says Lacrosse is gaining in popularity throughout Mississippi and surrounding states.

"It's definitely growing, "stated Twiggs.  "It's become very large in Florida now, Alabama to Birmingham.  Huntsville area is very big.  University of Alabama-Huntsville is actually going to a Division II team next year.  We have two Division III teams close.  One in Montgomery at Huntington College and Millsaps College in Jackson."

Clayton Clardy one of the top offensive players for Ocean Springs says Lacrosse peaked his interest when he was in middle school.

Clardy said, "My friends, when I was in sixth grade, they were playing Lacrosse and I just watched a lot of their game and I thought it was really cool.  So I picked up the sport and ever since I have been improving."

Michael Huckle, an assistant coach at Ocean Springs high school, was one of the first players on the coast to compete.  He says he was a member of the Gulf Coast Gators about 9 years ago.

"It's grown a lot, "said Huckle. "When I first started we had maybe 20 guys showing up for practice everyday and now I think we had 70 freshman sign up this year.  So we grew a lot since I've been gone."

On Saturday the Ocean Springs Greyhounds beat Lower Alabama, a club team from Daphne 14 to 4.

Tyler Fahy said, "I love playing Lacrosse.  I like competing.  I like how it more finesse.  You can have skill, you don't have to be big."

Officiating Lacrosse is not easy.   Eric Hawkins says he never played Lacrosse, but got interested in the sport when he lived in California in 1998.

"In all honesty it is the most technical sport and the rules are actually a lot harder then any other sport to officiate. "stated Hawkins.

Lacrosse hasn't reached the level of high school soccer but it's gaining momentum each and every year.

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