Thanksgiving breakfast ideas create learning moments for your children

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Thanksgiving is all about coming together with family, but before the crowds start showing up, why not carve out a little special time this holiday morning for your children.

"As parents we're busy making preparations for Thanksgiving dinner and we're trying to get the turkey and the dressing ready, we oftentimes forget about the little ones," explained Kim Gowdy with the Mississippi State Extension Service.

Rather than just pouring the kids a bowl of cereal Thanksgiving morning, she suggests creating lasting memories and making a tradition out of it.

"The most important thing is, these moments are priceless. You can never get them back," explains Gowdy. "So just creating those memories each and every year with your little ones is so very important."

She stepped into Meggan Gray's kitchen to show her how easy it can be. Gowdy brought two breakfast recipes with her: Gobble Gobble Pancakes and Corn on the Cob Waffles. Both offer fun and educational ways to spend time in the kitchen with your little ones.

Gowdy stresses, "Making every opportunity a teaching moment; teaching our kids about proper nutrition and you know measuring, and mixing it, and things of that nature while still focusing on all those developmental skills."

Quizzing your children with simple questions like, 'how many eyes will our turkey need?' or ' what is the most recognizable part of a turkey?' can help with those developmental skills.

"Their cognative skills," Gowdy continues. "Learning when to mix things and how to mix things, and of course getting their movements and coordinating mixing that batter."

The interaction between parents and siblings also helps toddlers' social skills.

"They love just being involved and mixing and creating new things, and actually seeing the finished product is what they most enjoy, as well. So that total experience is what makes it worthwhile."

Gowdy adds, most importantly, parents should emphasize Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for all the blessings in their lives.

To see her recipes for Gobble Gobble Pancakes and Corn on the Cob Waffles,


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