Rogers: Fans will 'be stoked' for Biloxi baseball's name and logo

Published: Nov. 24, 2014 at 2:59 AM CST
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BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It's been a long time coming, but fans of baseball on the Mississippi gulf coast won't have to wait much longer to know what the new Minor League Baseball team's nickname and logo will be.

Following a period of name submissions, six finalists were chosen in June. Those nicknames were: Beacon, Black Jacks, Mullets, Schooners, Shrimpers and Shuckers.

Once Monday evening at 5:30 rolls around, fans and the media in attendance at Biloxi's Saenger Theater will see the newest baseball trademark.

"During the whole process, people have been patient," Biloxi baseball general manager Buck Rogers said. "We're excited. It's like Christmas Eve for us."

Once the team name was decided, professional artists were brought in to design the logo and took suggestions from the community on how to tie it with the Mississippi gulf coast.

"I think people are going to really be stoked," Rogers said. "I know we're fired up. I was floored when I first saw the logo. They did such a great job and I know people are really, really going to love this. It really ties in to what the coast is all about up and down. People will identify with it."

The team owners and other Biloxi baseball members weren't the only ones involved in the process of designing the logo that will apparently be very fun, marketable and has a great appeal to kids. Everyone involved in the Milwaukee Brewers organization was kept in the loop.

The Brewers will continue to be the parent club for Biloxi even after the team relocates from Huntsville.

Even though the announcement will come later than hoped, Rogers said the wait will be worth it.

"It wasn't just slapping a name and logo together and living with it," Rogers said. "We wanted to make sure the gulf coast was represented with a name and logo they selected that totally embodied and encompassed life on the gulf coast."

Rogers didn't give any indication on what exactly the name, logo or color scheme would be, but he did hint at a very interactive unveiling that includes two entertainers performing the classic act, "Who's on First?"

"They rehearsed it for us [Saturday] and it was perfect," Rogers said. "There's going to be a lot of good people who will give short speeches and really thank the community for how much effort, passion, support and commitment there was from everybody."

Even after the highly-anticipated announcement is complete, many questions still remain regarding the stadium's completion time. However, the answers and confidence to finish the job on time remain high among team officials.

Yates Construction, Dale Partners and everyone working for the city of Biloxi have been putting in overtime. Rogers said because of the additional labor that's been showcased, they'll be involved in a special Thanksgiving dinner this Tuesday involving all the construction workers.

"We're bringing out some turkeys," Rogers said. "We're basically going to be thanking them for a job well done and it has really progressed. You can believe that on Sunday afternoon, they're working."

According to Yates officials, the stadium's construction is still on schedule. The 365-day contract started in early August.

The first home game for Biloxi is scheduled for Mon., April 20, against the Jacksonville Suns. However, the city of Biloxi will be fined $10,000 per game that isn't played at MGM Park.