Former Harrison Central slugger Bobby Bradley excelled in rookie league

Bobby Bradley is spending time with his family in Gulfport.  After being drafted in the 3rd round by the Cleveland Indians during the MLB draft, Bradley was assigned to the AZL Indians

Once he arrived in Arizona, Bradley proved why he was taken by the Indians in the 3rd round. In 39 games in the Arizona Rookie League, Bradley completed a super season and surpassed his goals.

"I set goals for myself saying I would at least bat over .330, hit at least 5 homers and 10 doubles," Bradley said. "I finished with a .361 batting average, 8 home runs, 51 RBIs and 13 doubles. I made the All-Star team, got MVP and won the triple crown."

Bradley says he's awaiting his next assignment which could be with a single A, Double-A or Triple-A team.

I met Bradley and his mom at the Three Rivers Road baseball complex because his mom Dolores says that's where her son first displayed the ability to become a future baseball star.

She says Bobby hit his first home run in Louisiana.

"We played in a Tee Ball Championship in Lafayette, Louisiana and at 5-years-old Bobby hit his first home run off a Tee," Dolores Bradley said. "We knew that he had a chance to do well in baseball and he continued his success through high school and now in the rookie league."

She said his goal was to play for LSU and eventually move into the pro ranks.

"He loves LSU and wanted to play there but he took a different route to the pro ranks," said Dolores.

"I plan on going to Baton Rouge and visit with the LSU baseball team," Bobby Bradley said. "They had a great recruiting class."

Bradley was the only recruit who didn't sign with LSU and he couldn't pass up the money that the Indians offered.

He has set a goal of playing four or five years in the minor leagues before making his way into Major League Baseball.

Scott Berkowitz, who is a family friend, says he knew Bradley was something special.

"I saw Bobby play against us where he hit a ball in the gap to right center field to win the game," stated Berkowitz. "I knew that day the kid was going to amount to something. Very next year I came up to his mom and said I need that kid to play for my team and he played for the Monarchs and for my team that same year and played for me just solo the next year.  We won the World Series Championship and placed 3rd in the nation."

Bradley said jumping from high school baseball into the Arizona Rookie League was a big adjustment because he had to pace himself with so many games.

"I got tired quickly and the pitching is very good,"stated Bradley.

Pitchers from the Dominican Republic can throw 97 mph, but Bradley said he adjusted well and says he could be heading to the advanced rookie league.

Bradley says he's attaining his baseball goal thanks to hard work and dedication and if youngster want a pro career, they must give a hundred percent each and every day in practice and on game day.

Bradley said he also played football when he was 8-years-old and later in the 8th grade. However, he knew baseball was the sport that he would concentrate on and he decided to give up football.

He obviously made the right decision.

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