Actor Scott Bakula shares behind the scenes of "NCIS-New Orleans'

Published: Aug. 18, 2014 at 4:12 PM CDT
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The crime drama "NCIS" on CBS is one of the longest running and successful shows in TV history. Different versions of the show have been set in various cities. Coming this fall to WLOX CBS, "NCIS-New Orleans."

The show stars Scott Bakula as special agent Dwayne Pride. Pride's character is based on D'Wayne Swear who actually worked for the Hancock County Sheriff's Department. Bakula talked with WLOX News' David Elliott about playing a real life D'Wayne Swear, who is a technical advisor on set.

"It's fantastic," said Bakula. "I've done this a few times, where I've played somebody who has also been on the set and it just helps you bring more to the part because I can turn around and say where would you keep your gun in the situation? Or, where would you get your handcuffs from or how would you approach this body?"

Bakula said he likes being able to bounce stuff off of Swear because, "In reality I think it's more interesting than stuff that we come up with. We are always creating reality, and he's actually been there. So it just helps immensely to have him here."

As far as filming the show in New Orleans, Bakula said the city by itself is one of the most unique on the planet because of its heritage, history and people. "It's just an incredibly rich kind of fabric of a place to tell stories from," he said. "It's not a new town. So for a show like ours that needs great character, we get a ton from the city, you know the birth place of jazz etc., the great food and then we have all the wonderful people who live here."

As far as capturing the dialect of the area, Bakula said he's getting coached. "I've had a dialect coach who's helped me, who I've worked with for 20 to 30 years with now, who is one of the top in the business, Jessica Drake." He added when working on a dialect you pick and chose where you want to go. He said, "you can't possibly please everybody because everybody has their own version of it."

Bakula said he's also learning from New Orleanians themselves."So I am listening a lot to the folks who live here and they say oh no, don't say it like that. And that's good, you know, because they are helping me be more authentic." He said at the end of the day he's trying to give a suggestion of where the show is taking place. "My character is from here, raised here, born here and that's important to the part," said Bakula.

"NCIS-New Orleans" premieres September 23rd on WLOX CBS.

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