Young drivers prove go-kart racing is exhilarating

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The Harrison County Fairgrounds turned into a go-kart racing track Saturday and Sunday after a few days of preparation.

Drivers ranging from ages 5-67 drove from as far as southwest Louisiana to take part in the races this weekend. Despite a little rain, that didn't stop the races from beginning since there is a roof over the track.

A couple of 7-year-olds just began driving a few years ago and they both have similar inspirations for getting behind the wheel.

"I'm [number] 27 because my dad was 27," Cale Huguet said. "That was his number before he quit. I'm running his cart."

"My dad, my pit crew, my tire man and my paw paw [inspired me]," Wyatt Wilkerson said.

It sounds like a lot of his family got him started.


There's nothing like the adrenaline in your body as you impatiently wait to drive onto the track, or even the sound of the engine being started, when you get ready to race. Go-kart racing is an exhilarating sport that might be the beginning of a trek toward a NASCAR career.

It's also something that brings families together. While it may be two completely different feelings being inside a go-kart compared to cheering in the stands, that support in the bleachers helps these racers continue doing what they love.

"My uncle started racing and I wanted to get into it," 17-year-old Kori Huguet said. "My uncle, my mom and my grandpa got together and got me a car. I like it because you can get your family out here and have fun."

Most kids enjoy football, baseball, basketball. That's no surprise, but if they want a different challenge and a way to get away from it all, Kori says racing is the way to go because she enjoys the speed of it all.

Oh, and taking the checkered flag.

"I love it," Kori Huguet said. "Everything just disappears. All my problems are gone and I'm just focused on winning."