More concerns rise about Biloxi stadium

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Where is the city of Biloxi going to find the money it needs to build the new MGM Ball Park in downtown? The answer is still unclear, but one city councilman will say where the money won't come from, if it's up to him.

After Wednesday's contractor bidding was complete at Biloxi City Hall, the lowest bid was $5.3 million over budget.

"To put it this way, we have $36 million to spend, and we can't spend any more than that. So the future of baseball is going to fall on if we can work into that $36 million. That's the name of the game. You can't change that. We can't ask anyone in the city of Biloxi to put up any more money. The tax payers have done enough," Councilman Lawrence said. "I have their back. I'm not raising taxes, and I'm not adding any more money. We've already committed so much from the city, and that's the maximum for me. I'm not raising anymore money from the tax payers."

Ward 6 Councilman Kenny Glavan says while he understands the concerns tax payers may have, it'll be all worth it when the baseball stadium is finally here.

"Tax payers money, you know, we're certainly custodians of that and we recognize that pretty good and I think it's going to be a pretty good return on the investment. We have a $36 million budget and we're going to try to work with $36 million. If there are overruns, we'll have to find additional resources of revenue to compensate for that, and I think we can do that," Councilman Glavan said.

Glavan says he expects the council will get together on Friday to look at contract details and attack all options they have.

"From preliminary discussions, I think we've already found a way to reduce that $5 million, and we'll continue to work on it and see if we can execute the agreement to get this thing done," Glavan said.

Councilman Paul Tisdale says the council simply won't know the future of the baseball team until after they meet.

Technically, the Huntsville Stars are in the middle of a two year contract with the city of Huntsville. While the team planned to buy the contract out, the mayor of Huntsville said Thursday, he would be happy to host the team for another year, but that's if the team makes a few improvements like replacing signs and lights at the Huntsville stadium.

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