Gautier Man Begins Long Walk To Support Flag

A Gautier man is taking his fight to save the current state flag... to the highway. Terry Rainey began Saturday on a 43-day walk from Gulfport to Jackson.

Some of Rainey's friends walked along with him on the first leg of his journey. Rainey will carry the current state flag during his march. Along the way, Rainey also hopes to register people to vote.

Once he gets to Jackson, Rainey and his group plan to hold a flag rally at the capitol.

"It's Mississippi's history," said Rainey. "I mean, this is all we have left. After this, we've got nothing. They done took the whole south--Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, it's all gone. Mississippi's the last state."

The group is also trying to collect signatures to force another vote on the flag. They want a measure on the ballot that would add a constitutional amendment recognizing the current flag as the official state flag.

The group says it plans to continue to collect signatures no matter what the outcome is of the April 17th referendum.