843-pound blue marlin caught at Billfish Classic

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - At the first day of the Billfish Classic, a massive crowd of fans waited in anticipation of the weighing of a blue marlin that was caught by angler Deb Hebert.

The 126-inch long, 843.7 pound fish was reeled onto the Iona Louise after a three-hour fight in the open waters. Hebert was credited with the third-largest catch ever recorded in the state of Mississippi.

She had some help from her crew on the boat owned by Joe Hudson, who is Deb's fiance.

"We had the fish on the wire 15 different times," captain Larry McMillan said. "She has tagged and released some blue marlins but had never boated one. They've all been tagged and released. She had lost several but this one belonged to us. This one was ours."

If Hebert's catch is the only blue marlin brought to the scale during this year's Billfish Classic, it could be worth $150,000.

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