Pier Walk focuses on remembering loved ones and environment

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Tuesday was Earth Day and as many people took part in events to preserve our environment over in Gulfport people were using the day for a dual purpose. The third annual pier walk at the Ken Combs Pier has been celebrated for three years now.

As WLOX News found out, the event is a way to remember loved ones who have died and talk about preserving our earth.

Gulfport City Councilman Rusty Walker talks about the memories of his grandparents before a crowd.

"The Pier Walk is just about family. It's about memories and it's about all the things that we love to remember. And so today I just talked about some stories from my grandparents and some of the lessons that they taught me," Walker said.

Ken Combs Sr.'s son Ken Combs Jr. started the Pier Walk in 2012.

"Each person that comes into our life they affect you in some way. And I just think it's important to always remember never forget," said Combs Jr.

Combs Jr. says Pier Walk is a day which honors his father and allows others to remember their family members as well.

In addition to remembering the lives who have gone before us the event also served as a way to collect canned food for those in need. All the canned food collected will go to Feed My Sheep in Gulfport.

To liven up the event, several coast car clubs came out to showcase their vehicles and several speakers talked to the crowd. DMR's Executive Director Jaime Miller talked about the importance of conservation and family.

"We only have one earth and if we keep using all the resources there's not going to be anything left for our children," attendee Jeff Wernikowski said.

"We do have to conserve for all of our future generations, my grandchildren, your grandchildren. You know what we do now, affects their future," Combs added.

The event usually includes a walk on the pier, but that didn't happen because the pier was closed due to Hurricane Isaac.

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