First responders ask Diamondhead residents to mark homes

DIAMONDHEAD, MS (WLOX) - It's not a problem exclusive to Diamondhead, but residents who fail to post their addresses on their homes and mail boxes are making it tough for first responders to find them during times of emergency.

As WLOX News found out, Diamondhead's unique street names only compound the problem.

We found several homes in Diamondhead with no street addresses posted on them or on the mail box.

Add some tough Hawaiian street names to the mix, and you've got the recipe for a first responder's worst nightmare.

"So with the streets spelling sometimes being confusing or the pronunciation from a caller. Then the home address being absent or not marked clearly makes it very difficult to find that residence in a time of emergency, and we know seconds count," said Diamondhead Fire Chief Jerry Dubuisson.

Diamondhead resident Lloyd Ladner knows firsthand just how important posting address numbers boldly and clearly is.

"It's the most practical thing to do," said Ladner.

He found out just how practical last year when he became ill.

"I had the mobile medic show up on the scene three times, and we had to give them the information and they found me in record time because my house was marked," explained Ladner.

Dubuisson says it's a simple and inexpensive task that could save lives.

"All we're asking is for folks to take some time and clearly mark their homes. The U.S. mail gets to their house every day from all over the world. Mail can get to their house so it's presumed I'm ok, but the mail doesn't have to get there during an emergency when you're choking or your house is on fire," said Dubuisson.

Dubuisson says old faded numbers should be replaced with new ones. Always use light reflective numbers on mail boxes, and make sure those numbers are displayed on your house next to your front door.

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