City councilman says there's a trash problem in West Gulfport

Gulfport Ward 1 Councilman Kenneth "Truck" Casey points to trash in a wooded area on Reed Avenue in West Gulfport.
Gulfport Ward 1 Councilman Kenneth "Truck" Casey points to trash in a wooded area on Reed Avenue in West Gulfport.

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A city councilman in Gulfport says his ward has a growing litter problem. Despite his own efforts to pick up trash around the area, he says there's simply too much.

Garbage is sprinkled throughout a wooded area in West Gulfport.

It's an eyesore, Gulfport Ward 1 Councilman Kenneth "Truck" Casey says he's seen for a while and has heard numerous complaints about it.

"Well, I've been in office going on five, five and a half years. And it's been a problem ever since then. When the tourists come through and see our community trashed like that they don't want to have no part in it," said Ward 1 City Councilman Kenneth "Truck" Casey.

He says, trash that gets picked up, only clears the land for more litter. A dumpster sits open just a few feet away from a littered wooded area.

To clean up the garbage, Councilman Casey has come up with a few ideas.

"I thought about maybe using the non-violent inmates at Harrison County. You know, you got some down at the city hall. And other places in the city that's non-violent offenders," Councilman Casey said. "Also you have them at Feed My Sheep. Why not get them out here and do some community service?"

Councilman Casey's also calling on the citizens in his ward to help pick up the trash in areas like Reed Avenue.

"The city does not run your community. You run your own community. So why not beautify community? Pick up the litter. And enhance the community for a better way of living," Councilman Casey explained.

He also suggests a litter crew.

"We might refund the litter crew of public works, utility partners, maybe get them out here to help out also," he said.

Councilman Casey hopes with the more help from the community the trash will be picked up and won't continue to get tossed on the ground. He says recently, a young man in his ward by the name of Antoine Winters helped picked up trash along Old Pass Road and Broad Avenue and Railroad Street.

If you're interested in helping to pick up litter in Ward One you can call Councilman Casey at 228-669-3926.

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