Boston students volunteer with Habitat for Humanity

Suffolk University students volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.
Suffolk University students volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - When you think of Spring Break, you may think about soaking up the sun on the beach, or vacationing with friends and family. Some students from Boston saw their break as an opportunity to give back. They volunteered through the Habitat for Humanity's Collegiate Challenge Program.

Angela Thomas is a Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity. She helps host a handful of college groups every year that come down to spend their Spring Breaks to build and repair houses. She says the program means a lot to the area.

"There is the impact of the care and concern that outsiders have for our community," said Thomas.

Katisha Moody is one of the many homeowners who have benefited from Habitat for Humanity.

"It means a lot, because affordable housing is hard to come by for some folks," said Moody.

It's because of groups like the one here that she has a house today.

"Having somebody come from out-of-state on their spring break. It's a real good thing," said Moody.

Students from Suffolk University in Boston are working to restore two houses in Gulfport this week. But, they say it's more than just a construction project.

"You learn more about yourself, about life in general. So, I think it's a very rewarding program," said student Davison Perez.

"I think just knowing the effect it's going to have after we're gone. You know, we're here for a week working for four or five days and it seems like such a small impact," said student Emily Brady.

Habitat will host seven groups over this Spring Break season bringing more than 90 college students to the area. For the past 25 years, more than 210,000 students have spent their breaks volunteering nationwide with the Collegiate Challenge program.

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