45th annual Krewe of Gemini night parade rolls in the rain

Krewe of Gemini 45th annual night parade
Krewe of Gemini 45th annual night parade

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Mardi Gras 2014 came to a cold and wet close Tuesday night in Gulfport. This year's Mardi Gras ended with the Krewe of Gemini as it rolled for its 45th year through the streets of downtown. When you think about the temperatures in the 30s, and chilling rain, the turnout wasn't that bad.

The crowd definitely wasn't as big as the Krewe of Gemini's day parade on Saturday, but the weather didn't stop the die hard parade goers.

Chase Moses is the Krewe's Board of Trustees President, and a pretty good bead tosser.

"Rain, shine. Doesn't matter, we're rolling. Because people come out here, they want a show, so we're going to give it to them," said Moses.

A special guest came to help that show roll. Former Saints Quarterback John Fourcade decided to forgo Fat Tuesday in the Big Easy just to be this parade's Grand Marshal.

"I like the Gulf Coast, it's a lot of fun here," said Fourcade.

He said he was honored, but he felt strange not being in his Mardi Gras outfit.

"Got my tux all ready to roll, and all of the sudden the rain. So, I'm not wearing any tux tonight because I'm not going to freeze my behind off," he said.

The Parade Royalty didn't feel like freezing either. They were decked out in sweaters and gloves, and a couple of crowns. Queen Leda, Cecile Scialdone, was excited to throw to the people who did show up.

"The ones that are here are going to get a lot of beads," said Scialdone.

It looked like that was definitely the case. Back on the float, Moses was almost down to the end of his ammunition.

"There's not many extra. We had a smaller crowd so I didn't get to throw them all, but if there are any left over, we will save them and we will throw them next year," said Moses.

Because of the weather, only 33 of the 44 floats that signed up actually rolled. This year's King Jupiter was Marvin Pearman, and Queen Leda was Cecile Scialdone.

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