County officials clean up smelly carcass mess in Vancleave

VANCLEAVE, MS (WLOX) - WLOX recently told you about a growing problem in Jackson County that presented an environmental hazard to the area, illegal carcass dumping. Residents, especially in Vancleave, were fed up so they called on county supervisors to get the mess cleaned up.

The old, smelly carcasses that Danny Jalanivich says littered his Vancleave neighborhood are now gone. Jackson County officials recently got the dead animals removed.

"They did a great job. They did a great job," Jalanivich said.

Supervisor John McKay represents the community and said Jalanivich did the right thing by reporting this problem last month because this kind of illegal dumping can create a health hazard.

"Like this beautiful location, Ward Bayou, that was trashed with dead animal carcasses and there are ice chests with dead animals in it, but we sent our crews out here and got the mess cleaned up," McKay said.

"I appreciate WLOX and you doing this because it is getting the word out, and it really has people concerned about this type of activity."

McKay points out that several steps are now in place to prevent people from illegally dumping dead animals. Land owners have put up private property signs, and sheriff's deputies have also increased patrols.

"Yes, we have talked with the sheriff's department to have them patrol in the rural areas to be alert to this type of activity," McKay said.

He said putting up surveillance cameras is also an option.

"Next deer season, we will probably be doing that, hiding some cameras in the locations that are heavily destroyed like where they throwing it out now. We are going to try some different things and try to catch some of these people because it is something they should not be doing. It is very easy to get rid of these animals. Dig a hole; bury them out in the woods where you are at."

Jalanivich couldn't agree more.

"It is a nuisance. There are other ways to get rid of these animals than just dumping them on the roadside," Jalanivich said.

People are encouraged to call the Jackson County Sheriff's department if they see illegal carcass dumping.

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