Krewe of Neptune prepares for Fat Tuesday parade

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Immediately after the GCCA parade wraps up folks will be hanging around downtown Biloxi to see what the Krewe of Neptune has to offer.

Saturday members of  the krewe brought in 10 of their floats from New Orleans. And from what we saw parking these floats and filling them with throws is no easy task.

The floats are large ranging 24 to 36 feet in length and they're colorful. For members of the Krewe of Neptune the pressures on to get their floats ready for the parade on Fat Tuesday.

"The floats are made on hay trailers. So pulling them is easy. Backing them up is pretty tough to do. They don't back to well," said Krewe of Neptune Gerald Everett.

Seven men carefully pushed each float into a Biloxi warehouse, so they'll be protected from the weather.

"You know we bring these floats from New Orleans every year and we're proud of them. They're double deckers. You don't see them anywhere else on the coast like this," said Everett.

Once the floats are under a roof, around 1,000 cases of beads are loaded onto the floats.

"I think the real surprise is what comes off the floats. Our theme for the krewe most years is make it rain and we've purchased an entire tractor trailer full of beads. We expect more than a million beads on these floats to come off," said Everett.

Some of the beads you'll see thrown from the floats include hand painted, polystone Krewe of Neptune logo. This year the krewe celebrates three decades of Mardi Gras celebrations.

"Neptune had brought these floats over since their inception in 81. So this is a, we missed three years because of Katrina, but this is our 30th anniversary. So for 30 years these floats have graced the streets of Biloxi," said Everett.

Dozens of entries will be featured in the Krewe of Neptune parade including some new additions like the Oscar Mayer Wiener mobile and the Long Beach High School Marching band.

At 25 miles an hour on I-10, it takes krewe members about four hours to bring the floats from New Orleans to Biloxi. Sunday members will load sound systems onto the floats. The Krewe of Neptune parade rolls at 3 p.m. Tuesday in downtown Biloxi just after the Gulf Coast Carnival Association Parade.

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