Gautier working to keep its bodies of water cleaner

Mayor Gordon Gollott stands next to a new stream sign.
Mayor Gordon Gollott stands next to a new stream sign.

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - One coast city is going beyond telling people to not litter the land, it's also telling people to not litter the water.

The City of Gautier is the first coast city to take part in the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality's stream sign initiative.

Gautier wants to see more clean water for wildlife and recreation. That's why the city decided to take part in MDEQ's stream sign initiative. So far the signs are posted throughout parts of the city next to several streams.

Each sign reads which body of water that stream drains into. Gautier Mayor Gordon Gollott hopes people will pay attention to the signs.

"When people are riding around and they see these signs, they'll recognize where this water is going and maybe we can eliminate some litter in the town where people will be throwing things out. We're just trying to clean the place up and this is one start that we're doing with these signs here," said Gollott.

Clear Water Solutions Supervisor Mike Hook says the first five signs are on Gautier-Vancleave, Graveline, Dolphin, and Martin-Bluff Roads.

"They're the most traveled roads. So we wanted to make sure and they are some of the biggest drainage areas that we have. So we wanted to put those up first before we got to the rest," said Hook.

"People, they really don't understand where the water flows when it comes and if you have heavy rains and it floods your streets and everything you can recognize what we need to do as we identify where the water leaves the roads the ditches. And where it goes to and that's what we're trying to do here," said Gollott.

The city has dozens of bodies of water. They are identifying more streams in the city so they can put up more signs.

Gollott doesn't just rely on signs to keep his city clean on Saturday morning he met with a group of Gautier residents to pick up trash along Martin Bluff Road and together they picked up 700 to 800 pounds of trash.

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