Alison Miller proves that true love never dies

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Five years ago, retired Air Force master Sgt. Chuck Dearing and his wife, Alison Miller, sold their New Jersey home and all their possessions and hit the road. They called themselves happily homeless.

Chuck died last April after four years of travel. But his death did not end the journey. Alison is still traveling, fulfilling a promise she made to her husband.

These days, Alison Miller's heart is filled with pain, but also with purpose.

"I feel like he just disappeared from my life," Miller explained. "So I've been learning to just focus on the love that he and I had for each other, because we were passionately in love even after 24 years. So I'm out celebrating our love story and I'm paying honor to him by fulfilling his last wishes."

Those last wishes include scattering Chuck's ashes at places they visited before he died. She travels in a pink SUV and pink teardrop trailer.  Why pink?

"So that he could find me somewhere out here and I could connect with him again and he said that he'd be looking for me. Pink has always been a color of strength and joy for me."

There's another reason for all the pink.

"He said don't wear black, he said that's not your color. He said mourn for me in pink, so I'm doing that," Miller recalled.

The love affair between Chuck and Alison continues.

"I'm not going to leave it there with the devastation of his death and I'm not going to let that be the end of our story, mine and his together."

The memories they made together are bittersweet.

"What I'm doing is retracing our steps that we took over the years and places are popping up and I'm grieving hard when I see them and it's very difficult to do emotionally."

There's an old saying that time heals all wounds. Alison doesn't necessarily believe that. She's still hurting after her husband's death. But she is trying to move forward and she's found a lot of support on the road to help her do just that.

"I have angels showing up in my life and I believe they're being sent to me by my husband and I didn't believe that for a long time," Miller said.  "I was just lost but now, there is so much love and support coming out to me, offers of help."

Those angels have helped Alison soldier on, an example to others about how true love never dies.

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