'Pretty Boy Floyd' now behind bars

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - The search for the man known as Pretty Boy Floyd ended Wednesday at the intersection of Highway 90 and Highway 57. Michael Floyd Wilson, 43, is a person of interest in a Biloxi murder investigation. Carmen Edwards was found dead inside his apartment at Maison D'Orleans last week.

Wilson had eluded police until Wednesday morning, when a dramatic capture took place in Jackson County. He was cuffed and led to waiting patrol cars, but not before talking about his final moments of freedom.

The mechanics of his capture began about 10am in Ocean Springs.  Capt. William Jackson is with the Ocean Springs Police Department.

"We got behind the vehicle, and tried to initiate a traffic stop. And once we got behind the vehicle on Highway 90, the vehicle took off at a high rate of speed," Jackson explained. "Got up to Highway 57 and 90 and that's where the vehicle lost control. He bailed out of the vehicle and ran into the woods."

The successful apprehension happened because of teamwork, according to Jackson County Constable Shane Langfitt.

"We had at least nine different agencies within the county, and from, I might add, from Harrison County from the city of Biloxi that just working together and making this apprehension take place without any serious incident," Langfitt said.

Langfitt added that K-9s played a major role in the pursuit of Wilson.

"Things went really smooth. We could communicate with each other, other than Biloxi,  we could communicate with each other. We set the perimeter up. We've had four or five different K-9s here on the scene."

After receiving medical attention, Wilson was transported to the Biloxi Police Department to be questioned about the murder of Carmen Edwards. He has been charged with violating his parole on a previous burglary conviction and possession of a weapon.  Wilson is being held in the Harrison County jail without bond.

Meanwhile, police officials in Ocean Springs say they plan on charging Wilson with felony fleeing.

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