Moss Point residents react to shooting death of neighbor

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - We are following a Saturday night shooting in Moss Point that left one man dead. The victim was 22-year-old Christopher Smith of Moss Point. This makes two shootings in two days for the city. Moss Point Chief of Police Keith Davis says officers responded to a call of a shooting around 9 p.m.

"When I arrived on the scene I sensed a somber attitude of the community, disbelief that this had happened in their community," said Davis.

The shooting happened on the 5400 block of Gregory Street in a well lit and what neighbors call "friendly" neighborhood. Those who lived near Smith say he was one of the quietest neighbors they had ever had.

After a recent burglary they have been considering a neighborhood watch program. Since the shooting death of Smith, Woodrow McCarthy feels that neighborhood watch idea is sounding even better.

"I think getting the neighborhood watch back would help out a whole lot, and hopefully if we get it together here that would push and motivate the rest of the communities in our city to do the same thing," said McCarthy.

With the murder coming just one day after a shooting in a different part of Moss Point, Chief Davis wants to reassure citizens the police department is staying on top of both crimes.

"I do want the community to know that they are unrelated and we are using every resource available to us to track down these individuals who did this and bring them to justice," said Davis.

As the investigation continues Chief Davis is asking anyone with information on this crime to step forward. You can call the Moss Point Police Department at (228) 475-1711, or Crime Stoppers at 1-877-787-5898.

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