3 Moss Point residents evacuated from their home due to rising water

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - The heavy rain caused street flooding in parts of Moss Point on Sunday. Some folks even had to be rescued from their neighborhood because they were fearful the water was going to move into their homes.

The drenching showers turned some streets into lakes in Moss Point. Over on Rose Drive two senior citizens and their caregiver called the Moss Point Fire Department to get them out of their home because the water was steadily rising.

Resident Doris Rush woke up to water covering her street and she wasn't happy about it.

"I was disgusted because I was getting ready for church. Because we are having a special guest today and I couldn't even get out. I had to call my pastor at 8:30 this morning to tell them I couldn't get out," Rush said.

Barbara Richardson lives on Terrace Drive and is dealing with same headache.

"You cannot get out," Richardson said.

Richardson has lived in the neighborhood for more than 40 years and flooded numerous times. So, when she saw the rapid rainfall she immediately began moving all her valuables.

"I started picking up all my floor rugs and picking up clothes and shoes and stacking them on the bed. I am hoping and praying the water does not come in again," Richardson said.

Both residents said if the weather gets any worse they will leave.

"I am kind of worried because I don't know how long it is going to last. Is it going to worse than it did before? It is different every time it rains. It comes and sometimes it doesn't come in, but the last two times it flooded it came in each time," Rush said.

Many of the residents in the flood prone areas said they blame some of the water woes on poor drainage in parts of the city.

"I am very tired of it," Richardson said.

"It is just ridiculous how this water just come up in here and just get real deep in this area here  cause it is just ridiculous," Rush said.

Jackson County's Emergency Management Director Earl Etheridge said he has received. Some reports of water on streets, but no major flooding in other parts of the county. He and his team will continue to monitor the weather.

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