Gautier mall tenants get lease termination letters to move out

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - Some tenants at Singing River Mall are now scrambling for a new place to setup shop. According to Gautier officials, lease termination notices were sent out this week telling businesses they have to move out soon.

As we first told you earlier this year, the mall is getting a $90 million makeover.

Phillip Henderson manages MaCnarb Gaming. The business hasn't been at Singing River Mall quite a year, but workers are already packing up to leave.

"We had a 30 day termination notice, so at the end of August we will be at our new place," Henderson said.

The gaming spot has a few relocation options under consideration.

"We are looking at one of the temporary places at the strip malls. Hopefully, we will be able to open up our own place," Henderson said.

While there are some tenants who do have another plan, others don't. Those tenants did not want to talk camera, but did admit to WLOX they were shocked and a little disappointed to receive the termination notices.

"We, the city, are going to give these tenants the opportunity to contact our economic development director, and we will provide information to them as far as relocation possibilities within Gautier," Mayor Gordon Gollott said.  "We do not want to lose these tenants, but provide info to them so they can continue their business here."

The mayor said termination letters are the first step in a major plan to tear down the outdated mall and build a modern one.

"A 390,000 square feet open air mall. It will be a $90 million investment," Mayor Gollott said.

Walmart has already committed to setting up shop at the new mall. City officials said the new plans will surely bring in more tax dollars.

"This will generate $125 million in new retail sales within this mall alone. We have been discussing with these mall developers for two years now, and what you see is the beginning of that coming forward."

The city is working with tenants and local strip mall owners to provide more relocation options around town.

For more information, call Gautier's Economic Development Director at (228) 806-1285.

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