"Peace, Love & Pit Bulls" raises awareness and funds


BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - "Peace, Love and Pit Bulls" gathered in Biloxi Sunday. The small group was organized after an online petition was started, to save a pit bull in Jackson from being euthanized after he bit a girl in his owner's backyard.

Now that the dog won't be put down, the group still wants to raise awareness and money.

A free dog wash, and car wash got washed out by a rainy Sunday afternoon on Popps Ferry and Cedar Lake Roads in Biloxi, but the "Peace, Love and Pit Bulls" group gathered anyway.

One of the organizers Lynda Favre said, "This animal's being punished and what better way to come out and support this animal rain or shine."

Favre, who is a long time pit bull owner, is talking about 'Deuce', the dog in Jackson who bit a 12-year-old girl when she came into his yard last week. There was originally talk of euthanizing the animal.

But Favre thinks someone needs to speak up for defenseless animals and said, "There's a lot of people out there who can't take up for themselves because they're rights are being violated. I mean this is an animal that the rights basically have been violated."

Pit Bull Jasmine is Russell Tripp's best friend.

Tripp said, "She's the most gentle dog you ever want to meet. There's not explanation on how nice these dogs are."

Tripp doesn't know the Jackson family who owns Deuce, but was very upset to hear they maybe forced to put the dog down. He wants people to know that pit bulls are not inherently bad.

Russell Tripp said, "They're what you make them. I mean, if you don't make a dog mean, it's not going to be mean. So it's the person. It's the person. It's the owner."

But Deuce's owners gave him up so he wouldn't be put down. Now he'll be professionally trained and adopted. This group thinks that's the right thing to do, considering the dog was tied up in his own back yard at the time of the incident.

Favre said, "A child should never be allowed to trespass on another person's property. It was not in that other person's yard, so you have to look at all the circumstances."

Now the "Peace, Love and Pit Bull" group is selling T-shirts and pins to raise money for his future training and care.

Favre said, "The key chains are $3 each and on the back I have: Thanks for your support, Love Deuce."

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