Eleuterius takes over at D'Iberville City Hall

After serving six terms as a Harrison County supervisor, Bobby Eleuterius is the new city manager in D'Iberville.
After serving six terms as a Harrison County supervisor, Bobby Eleuterius is the new city manager in D'Iberville.

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - Bobby Eleuterius is back home again, working in government.  The man who served six terms as a Harrison County supervisor is now the new city manager in D'Iberville.

There's a reason he applied for the job and then accepted.

"I've been with this city since its infancy and I wanted to make sure that we can continue on while I have good health and hopefully help the city go forward," Eleuterius explained.

Traffic congestion around a major shopping hub is a concern, but a new flyover bridge may be the answer, according to Eleuterius.

"Not only will it help, but I think it's going to much improve the safety conditions of travel in the city in getting people over there."

While Eleuterius admits that the city is facing some challenges, growing pains for one instance with the additional shopping centers being planned and a lack of trust among the public because of issues at city hall in the past, he says his number one priority is having a good relationship with the city council.

"I want to have transparency in this government and I've talked with the council. I will never put them in the position to vote on issues until they have all the information before them to vote on," Eleuterius said.

He replaces the former manager, fired in March for not informing the city council about questionable business dealings. That won't happen under the new manager's watch.

Meanwhile, the city continues to work on attracting a casino to back bay.

"They seem to be working out their funding issues and hopefully within the next few months they are supposed to be going back to getting insurances on the construction and moving forward again," Eleuterius said.

An oceanarium project that broke ground last year is still a pile of dirt and weeds, and a $4 million state grant the city received for the project may have to be returned, at least in part. The city is also faced with a $319,000 payment in September on another loan taken out for the project. Eleuterius wants to settle that issue quickly.

"I intend to meet with the state, possibly with the governor and the DEQ to try and get this thing back on track and to also meet with Moby Solangi and hopefully get something started."

For Bobby Eleuterius, that's all he can ask for.

Eleuterius signed a one year contract with the city to serve as manager, which is the standard contract for this position.  His salary is $92,000.

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