D'Iberville police officers on AG Hood's open carry statement

Published: Jul. 18, 2013 at 2:15 AM CDT|Updated: Jul. 18, 2013 at 7:37 PM CDT
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D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - "Somebody's carrying open in a scabbard, then you're probably going to waste your time to charge them with conceal carry," said Attorney General Jim Hood.

Those words were not taken lightly in the eyes of local law enforcement.

"This is an emotional issue on both sides. And depending who you talk to, depending upon what kind of opinion you're going to get in reference to that. And that's why we're going to take a slow and methodical approach to ensure the safety of our citizens, visitors and police officers," said Chief Wayne Payne with the D'Iberville Police Department.

"We want to make sure that we enforce the law that's on the books, whatever that is. We're going to enforce that law," Captain Clay Jones.

The two officers say while the controversy with the open carry gun law continues, the safety of the public will not be jeopardized.

"We certainly are paying close attention to the attorney general's opinion and we're going to take a slow and methodical approach to any issue on both sides," said Chief Payne.

While Hood says the law enforcement in the other 81 counties in Mississippi could be wasting their time enforcing the law, officials with the D'Iberville Police Department hope for a resolution to the law, and soon.

"We just hope that the attorneys can have a clear guidance in reference to the open carry law," said Chief Payne. "What isn't and what is a crime."

"Our legislature to make sure it's correct. Our judges to interpret it correctly and everybody to pass this law so we can move forward," said Captain Jones.

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