Chinese Drywall being pulled out of some local apartments

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Residents of one Bay St. Louis apartment complex are concerned about their health and safety. Some of the tenants of the Manor House apartments said they're being shuffled around while Chinese Drywall is being removed from their units. Others are moving out during the work.

Many of the tenants told WLOX News' Al Showers they were shocked to learn they had been living in drywall tainted units.

After evacuating from the coast, Linda Ferriero said her Katrina nightmare started all over again three months after she found her apartment online. She said when she, "moved down here and moved in, I then started getting sick. I had to go to Hancock Memorial for a respiratory and be admitted."

Ferriero said she made at least five visits to the doctor before she realized her illness could be linked to Chinese Drywall. She said, "I get bad headaches, I take nausea pills and I just want out of here."

Tenant Paul Harris said the bad drywall has caused him some major problems, "My electronics are acting wacky." He also said he's had two microwaves go bad and he has had to toss them out.

Both tenants said they were never informed by the apartment management that there was Chinese Drywall in their units.

The attorney for the apartment complex told us some of the residents will be moved to apartments free of drywall problems while the repair work is underway. He said the first inspections to check for Chinese drywall were done earlier this year and the removal process began about two weeks ago.

The Bay St. Louis Building Department confirmed building permits were issued for 31 of the units.

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