Long Beach businessman hopes company around for generations

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - A South Mississippi businessman said he tries to help others share in his successes. Richard Armstrong owns Leisure Home Products in Long Beach, a company that has been producing spa hot tubs for more than 20 years.

Leisure Home Products builds spa hot tubs from the ground up. The owner said they can be as fancy as the customer wants.

"We have LED lights, stereo systems, tvs," Armstrong said. "We can do wood cabinets, synthetic cabinets."

The company also does repairs. Armstrong said his goal is to get people back in their hot tubs without leaving them in financial hot water. He showed WLOX one that was being fixed after a tree fell on it.

"We gutted it down to basic just your plumbing. We repaired the shell," Armstrong said. "We put all new equipment in it and we're testing it and we're going to wrap it with new siding. So when they get done for about a third of the cost, they're basically going to have a brand new hot tub."

Armstrong said he likes building something that can help improve lives.

"Hot tubs are wonderful for health, for Arthritis. I had a back injury and using a hot tub was a tremendous help to me," said Armstrong. "I just feel like I was helping people every day building a hot tub. Helping you relax and enjoy life a little more."

Armstrong said he loves Long Beach and hopes his company will be here for generations to come.

"My family is here. I was raised here. I want my grandkids to be raised in Long Beach and go to schools here," he said. "My whole family works in the industry. My kids work with me. Hopefully my grandkids will move into it in the future."

Leisure Home Products has seven full time employees. The company sells its spa hot tubs to everyone from big box stores to individuals.

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