Cast your ballot in Tuesday's election

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Tuesday is the day voters head to the polls to decide who will lead their cities for the next four years. Elections are being held in all South Mississippi cities except D'Iberville and Waveland.

Polls are open from 7am until 7pm. Those elected will begin new terms on July 1st.

WLOX news will be there as the ballots are counted this evening and will bring you live updates in a one hour special beginning at 9pm and on

Bay St. Louis

Mayor: (D) Incumbent Les Fillingame, (R) Jeff Harding

Ward 1: (I) Incumbent Philip Doug Seal Jr.

Ward 2: (D) Incumbent Wendy McDonald

Ward 3: (D) Incumbent Jeffrey Reed

Ward 4: (D) Incumbent Bobby Compretta

Ward 5: (D) Incumbent Joey Boudin

Ward 6: (R) Incumbent Ray Kidd, (I) Lonnie Galgout

At Large: (D) Michael "mike" Favre, (R) Gary Knoblock, (I) Clark Breland, (I) Johanna Spicuzza


Mayor: (D) Jess Kennedy (R) Incumbent A.J. Holloway

Ward 1: (D) Incumbent George Lawrence

Ward 2: (D) Felix Gines, (R) David Son Troung, (I) Tracey D. Smith, (I) Jerome Harrison

Ward 3 (D) Incumbent Lucy C. Denton, (R) Dixie Newman

Ward 4: (R) Robert Deming III

Ward 5: (R) Paul A. Tisdale

Ward 6: (R) Kenny Glavan

Ward 7: (D) Tyler Ainsworth, (R) Incumbent David Fayard


Mayor: (R) Tommy Schafer, (I) John Fletcher

Ward 1: (R) Joseph G. Lopez

Ward 2: (R) Blaine LaFontaine

Ward 3: (R) Thomas Sislow, (I) Michael Schaefer

Ward 4: (R) Ron Rech, (I) J.C. Price

At Large: (R) Ernie Knobloch


Mayor: (R) Incumbent Rusty Quave

Ward 1: (R) Randall Pelous

Ward 2: (R) Incumbent Henry Toncrey Jr.

Ward 3: (R) Craig "boots" Diaz

Ward 4: (R) Robby Ellis

At Large: (R) Incumbent Joey Bosarge


Mayor: (R) Gordon Gollott, (I) Edward C. Harding

Ward 1: (D) Evelynn Stephens, (R) Incumbent Johnny Jones

Ward 2: (D) Incumbent Hurley Ray Guilotte

Ward 3: (D) Casey Vaughn, (R) Greg Spanier

Ward 4: (R) Charles "Rusty " Anderson, (L) Zackary Redmond

Ward 5: (D) Arlene Fountain Bostic, (R) Incumbent Adam Colledge

At Large: (D) Richard Jackson, (R) Incumbent Mary Martin


Mayor: (R) Billy Hewes

Ward 1: (D) Incumbent Kenneth L. "Truck " Casey Sr.

Ward 2: (R) Incumbent Ricky Dombrowski

Ward 3: (D) Incumbent Ella Holmes Hines

Ward 4: (R) Incumbent F.B. "rusty" Walker

Ward 5: (D) James Beal, (R) Myles Sharp

Ward 6: (D) Merlissia Lewis, (R) Incumbent Robert "R.Lee" Flowers

Ward 7: (R) Incumbent Cara Lero Pucheu

Long Beach

Mayor: (R) Incumbent Billy Skellie

Ward 1: (R) Incumbent Gary Ponthieux

Ward 2: (R) Incumbent Bernie Parker, (I) Mike Taylor

Ward 3: (R) Kelly Griffin

Ward 4: (R) Incumbent Ronnie Hammons Jr.

Ward 5: (R) Incumbent Mark Lishen

Ward 6: (R) Alan Young

At Large: (R) Incumbent Lonard Carrubba Sr.

Moss Point

Mayor: (D) Billy Broomfield, (I) Dobbs Dennis, (I) John Mosley Jr.

Ward 1: (D) James C. Smith

Ward 2: (D) Chuck Redmond

Ward 3: (D) Incumbent Robert Byrd

Ward 4: (D) Incumbent Shirley Chambers

Ward 5: (D) David Chapman, (I) Linwood Grierson

Ward 6: (I) Wayne Lennep

At Large: (D) Incumbent Houston Cunningham, (I) Sam Craft

Ocean Springs

Mayor: (D) Incumbent Connie Moran, (R) John McKay

Ward 1: (R) Incumbent John Gill

Ward 2: (D) Julia Weaver, (R) Incumbent Matt McDonnell

Ward 3: (R) Incumbent Chic Cody

Ward 4: (R) Incumbent Greg Denyer

Ward 5: (R) Incumbent Jerry Dalgo

Ward 6: (R) Michael Impey II

At Large: (R) Incumbent Bobby Cox

Pass Christian

Mayor: (D) Joe Piernas, (R) Incumbent Leo "chipper" McDermott

Ward 1: (R) Buddy Clarke

Ward 2: (D) W. Earl Washington Sr., (R) Amy Stewart Steiner

Ward 3: (D) Incumbent Anthony Hall, (R) Eugene Russell

Ward 4: (D) LyTanya Toomer, (R) Victor Pickich

At Large: (D) Tommy Piernas, (R) Kenny Torgeson, (I) Anita Giani


Mayor: (R) Jim Blevins

Ward 1: (I) Incumbent Robert Stallworth, (D) Larry Taylor

Ward 2: (D) Freddy Jackson

Ward 3:(R) David Tadlock

Ward 4: Burton L. "Burt" Hill

Ward 5: (D) William F. Keeton, (R) Scott Tipton

At Large: (R) Brenda H. Simkins

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