VT Halter Marine launches supersized offshore supply ship

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A new multimillion dollar vessel built by VT Halter Marine is closer to helping support offshore drilling safely. The shipyard held a launching and christening for the new HOS Commander supply ship.

Dozens shipbuilders pulled out their phones and cameras to capture the impressive sight more than 3,000 ton vessel making waves as it was launched.

"It represents a great achievement to have a ship constructed in America, for Americans, and to be used to drive energy industry in the United States," said Carl Annesssa, Chief Operating Officer of Hornbeck Offshore Services.

Hornbeck Offshore Services is the owner the HOS Commander Ship.

"This vessel will be predominantly used for supporting deepwater exploration around the Gulf of Mexico exploration activity, and working out of the ports of the Gulf of Mexico to service the drilling rigs in some of the more remote, deepwater areas," Annessa said.

The ship is equipped to carry all types of products and cargo.

"Mainly drilling mud, pipe, water, and fuel. Basically, the vessel serves as a supply chain," said Annessa.

Because the HOS Commander is longer than a football field, VT Halter's Chief Executive Officer Bill Skinner says that provides more carrying capabilities and new technology will help crews navigate safely through water.

"It is a dynamically positioned vessel, and to go out two, three hundred mile limits in order to support the offshore deepwater activity. This vessel is ideal for that," said Skinner.

The commander is the first of 10 vessels VT Halter will build for Hornbeck as part of a $350 million contract.

"It represents a remarkable achievement in American economy," Annessa said.

The HOS Commander will be ready for delivery in September.

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