Page 13: Artist finally has her own museum

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - The Alice Moseley Folk Art and Antique Museum sits on the second floor of the historic train depot in Bay St. Louis. The late artist was a lovable character and a painter who is considered one of America's great creators of folk art.

The sheer simplicity of her pieces captured the rural south as Moseley remembered it living in the Mississippi Delta. According to museum Curator Geralyn Bleau the beauty of the art is it's whimsical images that reflect the artists lighthearted view of life.

"I think what sets her apart is her ability to find humor in situations and I think it's clear in her paintings. That comes forward, her love of life and her sense of humor" said Bleau.

A trip into the museum reveals everything from Moseley's folk art to an array of historic collectable's. But it's Alice Moseley's personal story that warms the heart and fuels a never ending story.

Bleau says it's an amazing tale, "For someone to start painting at the age of 65. To move to Bay St. Louis at the age of 79 without knowing anyone. We've got to keep her going. Alice will never die."

For years Alice lived in a small blue house on Blaize Avenue in Bay St. Louis. She lived there until her death, at the age of 94 in 2004. The house has been converted into a vacation rental cottage and that pays for the museum. There is a certain magical twist of fate with the museum ending up at the depot.

"We love being up here. We're right across the street from her blue house. You can see it through the window. When she was sitting on the porch, she was looking at the depot" says Bleau.

Folk artist Alice Moseley's a national treasure and her work is on display in Bay St. Louis.

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