State Electors Choose Bush

An uneventful moment which is really just a formality, drew more attention today than it ever has. Mississippi's seven members of the electoral college gathered at the State Capitol in Jackson to cast their votes for President of the United States. The electors signed a pledge stating they would vote for the candidate who won the state's popular vote, which was Texas Governor George W. Bush. However state law does not require them to stick with that pledge, but the 2 women and 5 men stayed true to their oath.

Secretary of State, Eric Clark counted the ballots out loud and said with a smile, "after having counted and recounted I determine there are 7 votes for George W. Bush for president." Cheers filled the room at the state capitol. This will be the scene across the nation today. Unofficially, people will be tallying the electoral votes today and George W. Bush is expected to have 271. Vice President, Al Gore should have 268 electoral votes. The ballots will be officially counted on January 6th when Congress meets in a joint session. That session will be presided over by the President of the Senate, Vice President Al Gore.

Presidential candidates chose their electors before the election. Then, the electors whose candidate wins the most votes, they're used to elect the president. Delbert Hoseman, an elector from Jackson was excited to participate in the process, "It's a relief to be here, it's exciting to be here. You can sense there's a new age coming, a new four years of presence and hopefully a new and better direction for the country." Fellow elector from Marks, Miki Cassidy agreed. "It's just wonderful, of course the last 5 weeks have been incredible but I thought all along that George W. Bush would prevail." Most electors say they were honored to participate in this historical election but are happy it's over.