Fire Runs Family From Home

Tyra Williams is back looking through the house that she and her five children narrowly escaped from this past Wednesday. The home caught fire while the family was inside getting school clothes ready for the next day.

Tyra Williams says, "My son said he smelled smoke, and so I looked back, and I just saw smoke and flames coming out the room, so I just told them to run out the door.  By the time I got to the door, it had covered the entire living room, everything."

Lucky to even be alive, they are now left with nothing. Tyra is staying with her sister Dawn, and trying to keep her spirits up as she has five children ranging in age from 2 to 11, who only know that they can't go home and Christmas is just around the corner.

"I was concerned about where we were going to sleep, and then thinking about their Christmas too because I know that was a big letdown," Tyra says.  "I feel sad for them because I know they want to go home because there's nothing like your own home."

Her sister Dawn Williams says everyone is trying to help the family out.

"We're all calling, going, seeing, doing everybody and anything we can do because we know that she has five kids, and she always, always, helps everybody; everybody done had their chance to come stay with her," Williams says.

It's a time of year for giving and with the help of her family and the community Tyra is not giving up. She says she'll make the most of this latest setback with her children by her side, a loving family and plenty of prayers.

"We're all pulling together, praying mostly, mainly going to church trying to make sure we talk to the main and most important person which is God," Dawn says.

Meanwhile Tyra summed up her feelings by saying, "I'm just happy that my kids are fine and hopefully that everything will work out okay for me."

If you would like to help Tyra and her five children get back on their feet after this tragedy, an account has been set up at Hancock Bank. Just ask for the Benefit Tyra Williams account at any coast branch.