Tattoo convention attracts hundreds of people

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The Casino Chaos Tattoo Convention is attracting hundreds of people. Whether you're in the market for a new tattoo or just want to browse the convention, the doors opened for all ages.

Drawings, sketches and pictures evolved from canvas to permanent art.

Berry Haynes said, "I have been looking at this tattoo for about a year."

With more than 100 tattoo artists from around the world sitting in one room, Berry Haynes took advantage of the opportunity. He had the Bible verse 'Isaiah 49:16' inked on the palms of his hands.

Haynes said, "It's a good verse, and I suggest everyone look it up and read it. It's cool. It's my faith in Jesus Christ, and it's just the way I like to display it."

Alexis Kovacs said, "Instead of oil on canvas, instead of pencil on paper, you're actually using the tattoo machine and the inks as your medium, and your human being as your canvas."

Tattoo artist Alexis Kovacs was on the TV show Best Ink. She said the convention is not only for those people who want a new piece of art, but for others to experience the industry and the unique culture.

Kovacs added, "It's kind of cool because people get to experience tattoos up close and personal."

Haynes said, "First time to do anything in my palm, so I knew it was going to hurt. But we made it through."

The convention was put on by Adrenaline Tattoo Company in Gulfport.

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