Rebecca Powers interviews rock legend Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper sits on his stage at the Beau Rivage Theatre.
Alice Cooper sits on his stage at the Beau Rivage Theatre.

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - He's the son of a preacher and father of three, who's been married for 36 years. He plays golf every morning and is a born again Christian.

Can you believe we're talking about Alice Cooper?

That's right, the rock legend and hall of fame inductee may be known for his 'dark' antics, but this great show man admits he's actually a comedian.

When Rebecca Powers walked onto the elaborate stage turned "spook house" at the Beau Rivage theatre, she was stunned to find Alice Cooper ready to play.

Cooper grabbed a fencing sword and yelled, "en Guard!" Powers grabbed a sword and they began to dual.

The iconic father of hard rock who literally invented the "rock concert as theater concept" gave out instructions on how this game would go.

Cooper said, "You're supposed to be Katherine Zeta Jones and I'm Zoro remember?"

You may think of the architect of 'shock rock' as a nocturnal type who avoids the light of day. But it's actually quite the opposite, he plays a round of golf every day. On Wednesday morning he played at Fallen Oak.

"Played pretty good today, shot three over this morning. You know it's the funny thing about golf and Alice Cooper is that the two never meet, you know I play golf in the morning and I never think about Alice Cooper I'm on stage at night as Alice cooper, I never once think about golf," Cooper said.

But every single hard rock band in American history from KISS to Motley Crue has certainly thought about and studied the great Alice Cooper.

"Yeah, they were all begotten out of Alice Cooper and I always remind them that, don't let your guard down because I'm still the oldest vampire here," Cooper said.

But, don't let that vampire act fool you, it's all part of the rock theatre that he alone created some 44 years ago.

"There was this rock music that was very theatrical, it was like opera. You know, everything about it, but there was nothing going on stage, just the band and I always said, why don't we make the stage come alive," Cooper said.

Bigger than life, he captures his audience with a high energy show and world class band behind him. Alice Cooper is the ultimate hard rock creator, performer and gentleman.

Wielding a playful foil again he said, "I'll let you go this time, but our swords will cross again!"

Alice Cooper kicks off his worldwide 2012 Summer Tour this Friday night June 8 for one show only at 8:00 p.m. at the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino in Biloxi.

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