Margaritaville Casino job fair draws thousands

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Jimmy Buffett's new $45 million Margaritaville Casino and Restaurant is coming soon to Biloxi. Promising distinctive dining, entertainment, and shopping with exceptional service; Buffet says his casino experience will be like going to one his concerts with breathtaking views of Biloxi's Back Bay.

Set to open in May, the excitement of this unique casino drew huge crowds as thousands applied to become a part of Margaritaville.

With a silly man on stilts and a playful parrot entertaining the big crowds, this was certainly not your average job fair. The sound of steel drums filled the air as Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Casino's CEO and his team searched for the best and brightest.

"We're basically screening for personalities. So people get through the line, I meet people at the front door, I coach them I tell them they got about five minutes to impress the judges. This is like American Idol. You got to get in the callback pile."

A call back is what every single one of the 5,000 people here hope to get. We gave some a chance to state their case.

"I grew up on the coast and I'm very interested in being a part of my community," one young lady said.

One young man in a three piece suit said, "I'm determined. I'm hard working. I can work with different diversities, I speak Spanish."

And a young, but very experienced bartender said, "I have personality, I know too many drinks and I work hard and long."

An older gentleman told us he knows he can do the job and admires CEO Tom Brosig.

"I've got a lot of IT skills, in particular with the casino industry. Followed Tom a lot in the news and so forth. Seems like a good gentlemen to work for. And, of course, with Jimmy Buffett, it looks like it's going to be a fun place to work."

From the 10,000 applicants they expect to interview, Brosig and his crew will be able to offer jobs to 1,400.

"I wish I had 10,000 jobs to give, but hopefully our project will be a catalyst for new growth in South Mississippi."

There is one more job fair next Monday, March 12 from noon to 6pm at The Dock Restaurant on Seaway Road in Gulfport. Margaritaville is expected to open the week of May 20th in East Biloxi.

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