Family Of Six Seeks Help After Fire

Six members of a Gulfport family are also seeking help after a fire destroyed their home. Electrical failure is being blamed for the Sunday night blaze that burned nearly everything the Jackson family owns. Sunday afternoon, Gloria Jackson got a call no mother wants to hear "...and I heard my son in the background saying my house was on fire," Gloria Jackson said. Gloria raced home from her job to find her home engulfed in flames. Two of her children were inside when the fire broke out, but they escaped with out injury.

Gloria's daughter, La Christal Jackson said, "I saw the fire just flaming out...I saw a lot of smoke, and I came back here to see where it was coming from...and I ran and went outside."

Fire investigators say the fire started here in the boys' bedroom and that all of the children were lucky to get out alive.

Their Father Lee Dell Jackson said, "I wasn't concerned about the stuff in the house. I was concerned about the kids. You know, a life ain't easy to come by. A life...I couldn't deal with that...losing my"

But aside from a few pieces of clothing...the Jacksons lost all of their material possessions. It's difficult sifting through the ashes of what used to be their home... but they know these things can be replaced.

If you'd like to help the account has been set up at Keesler Federal Credit Union. That account number is 81002.12. You can also drop off donations of clothes and food at Treasure Bay's Casino Hotel.