Three young boys attacked by a pit bull tell their story

Austin received more than 100 stitches on his face after a pit bull attack Thanksgiving Day.
Austin received more than 100 stitches on his face after a pit bull attack Thanksgiving Day.

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Brandy Beaver was taking the Thanksgiving turkey out of the oven when her youngest son ran inside screaming that a dog attacked him, his friend and his brother.

Friday, all three boys were out of the hospital and Beaver credits the quick thinking of two of them that they are all safe.

"Michael was punching the dog. His instinct kicked in to try and get the dog off of Austin," Beaver said. "Then after that, they both did the right thing: they both ran to get help."

Her 10-year-old son, Austin, and 8-year-old son, Mason, were playing with their 9-year-old friend, Michael Horst, when the boys say a pit bull jetted out of its house in the Quail Creek Subdivision and ran their way. As Mason explains, they were only trying to help.

Mason said, "We were trying to get the dog to its owner."

That's when, he said, the dog got vicious.

"First, it attacked Michael. Then it came straight to me and jumped and got me on my nose and then got me on my arm," Mason said.

He suffered some cuts on his face and several stitches on his shoulder. His brother, Austin, was not so lucky. He received more than 100 stitches on his face. But Austin says he is thankful for the other boys.

"My friend was hitting the dog to get it off of me and the dog just bit his face," Austin explained. "The dog came running to me and I punched its neck. And it ran to Mason and he and the dog stopped and came running back. Then he just jumped on me and kept biting my face every chance it had."

Michael stopped in to check on Austin Friday and wanted to assure his friend of one thing

"Hey Austin, I didn't leave you. I just went to get help," Michael said.

The young boy also attempted to get the dog to stop biting his friend.

"I started punching the dog," Michael said.

And when asked if he thought he was a hero, he shook his head no and simply said that is what anyone would do. But Austin's mom would beg to differ.

"They both deserve a lot of recognition for what they did, because they really saved Austin's life," Beaver said. "I would give those two boys the moon, if I could."

Hugging her two sons she said, "You saved your brother's life and you are going to be a okay, so I have a lot to be thankful for."

The pit bull was taken into custody by the Sheriff's Department and has been transported to the Humane Society. Deputies say the dog will be in quarantine for ten to 15 days until tests results come back to show if the dog is up to date with all his shots.

From there, they will look at the dog's history and make a decision on whether or not to put the dog to sleep. Authorities say the ultimate decision may have to be made by a judge. WLOX will keep you updated.

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