Truck Crushes Car: Kills Two

Saturday, two Gulfport residents are dead after their car was crushed in an afternoon accident. 54-year-old Ronnie P. Creed and his wife 51-year-old Joyce Creed were pronounced dead on the scene.

Deputies and firefighters responded to County Farm Road just north of I-10 at about 12:20 pm. Deputies said the driver of a garbage truck lost control of the vehicle and hydroplaned, sliding into the path of an oncoming car, flipping over...and crushing the car.

Two large wreckers were used to remove the garbage truck from on top of the car.

Firefighters worked quickly to extricate the victims. In about a foot of ditch-water, and in the rain, they cut the roof off the car.

"When deputies got out here, they discovered that a BFI truck had lost control and hit a car head on and flipped over on top of the car," Major Wayne Payne of the Harrison County Sheriff Department said.

Just minutes earlier the garbage truck was on top of the 1988 honda civic.

"The BFI truck was heading North on county farm road when it lost control and hydroplaned and slid over in the path of the other vehicle, we had to get two large wreckers to hook up to the BFI truck and flip it off of the car," Payne said.

Carl Gangemi saw the accident from his driver's seat. Today, he was extra cautions and alert because of the heavy rains.

"As I rounded the curve, I saw a big blue object sliding sideways, coming to rest in the ditch," Gangemi said.

Gangemi parked his car and rushed out to help.

"Well, we just tried to talk to them and keep them as calm as possible and see if there's anything we can assess from them, but they were very emotional, we had one voice.  We tried to get as much information as we could," Gangemi said.

This isn't the first time tragedy has struck this section of the road, there's a road-side memorial just a few yards away from the accident.

A wooden cross and wreath are evidence that the road has claimed lives before. Carl Gangemi said he won't need a memorial to remind him of what happend--images like the ones he saw don't easily disappear.

"And you know it's really hard to stand by and do nothing," Gangemi said.