Page 13: Remembering Point Cadet

Published: Sep. 7, 2011 at 5:13 PM CDT
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East Biloxi was pulverized by hurricane Katrina.

Point Cadet was nearly wiped off the face of the earth.

That area of Biloxi, rooted in the seafood industry was a historic and special place.

" It was a culture in itself. There's a saying. You can leave the point but in your heart it's always there. You'll carry it the rest of your life" says Pete Jurich as he stands on Cedar St. in East Biloxi. His family home was washed away by Katrina. Pete built a model, a replica of his Point Cadet home. He has several models of homes and stores that were the heartbeat of the point.

A display inside the new Biloxi library on Howard Ave. Showcases Pete's incredibly detailed models and paintings that capture the spirit of East Biloxi.

Jurich's models are authentic, right down to tiny fruits and vegetables in an old neighborhood store. It's like looking through the window of time when these things made Point Cadet a hustling, bustling community.

Pete says he's serious about memorializing the authenticity of the point "I try to capture a memory. No matter how big it is, when I do replicas I'm thinking about that. It unlocks people's memories".

From hand built wooden replicas of the past to paintings depicting life on the Point,Pete Jurich is doing his part to preserve the culture and history of East Biloxi.